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Raul Gabellini

Personal Trainer, Fitness Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Co-owner

Professional Experience 

Established RGCoaching360 Studio
Personal Trainer and Owner of RGCoaching S.A.R.L. 2017 to date

Käerjeng Handball Strength and Conditioning Coach since 2015 
- Winner of the 2015 Luxembourg Cup
- Winner of the Luxemburgish Championship 2018
Personal Trainer and Owner of Fitnesscoach S.à.r.l. 2012-2016

Strength and Conditioning Coach for Volley-Bartreng 2012-2015

Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Luxembourg National Volleyball Teams from 2013 to 2015

Diplomas and Certifications:

International Master Strength and Conditioning Coach Diploma

International Personal Trainer Diploma

Nutrition Coach

Pilates Coach (Basic, Seniors, Pregnant Women and Therapy)

Senior Coach
Mental Coach (Stress Management, Leadership, Personal Motivation)

TRX Certified Instructor:

- TRX STC      - (Level 1) Basic
- TRX Force   - (Level 2) Advanced
- TRX SMSTC - Sports Medicine Suspension Training

Certified Kettlebell Instructor

- Level 1 Beginners

- Level 2 Advanced

Luxemburgish - French - Italian - English - German- Spanish

Fly fishing, Golf (Handicap of 12), Music with the 4 Coverband (Singer)

Vicky Ioannidou

Personal Trainer, Fitness Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Co-owner

Professional Experience

Personal Trainer and owner of RGCoaching360 S.à.r.l.
from July 2018 to present
Personal Trainer at Fitnesscoach 2017-2018
Personal Trainer and Fitness Trainer at Play Pause Fitness & Wellness
in Belval
Personal Trainer at Base Training Academy Fitness Sports Medicine
Athens - Greece
Personal Trainer at Cross Training Club - Athens - Greece
Personal Trainer at Persona Grata Studios - Athens - Greece

Member of the Greek National Team in Tae Kwon Do in Thessaloniki Greece

Diplomas and Certificates:


Certified Personal Trainer 
Certified Professional Personal and Group Trainer by Base Training Academy, Athens Greece

Pilates Coach
Pilates Matwork Instructor by Base Training Academy, Athens Greece

Aqua Fitness Instructor by Base Training Academy, Athens Greece

Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor by Real Ryder, Greece

Official Bosu Training, Athens Greece

Functional & TRX Training by Base Training Academy, Athens Greece

Grit Instructor by Les Mills, Brussels Belgium

Certified in Traditional Thai Massage by School Art of Oriental Medicine, Athens Greece

Black Belt 3 Dan Tae Kwon Do I.T.F, Greece

One-time World CHAMPION in Tae Kwon Do I.T.F (2006) 

Six-time European CHAMPION in Tae Kwon Do I.T.F
(2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010)


“Run & Bike” mixed category 15km 2ndPlace, Greece 2012


French, English and Greek



Tae Kwon Do, Volleyball & Beach Volley, Course, Fitness, Cinema,
Theatre, Music and Travel

Christophe Lehoux

As a former athlete and sports enthusiast, a logical step was to get into mental coaching dedicated to athletes, teams, high-level coaches and corporate players with a view to optimising their human and organisational potential. My experience and coaching know-how are the basis for offering my services to help these athletic profiles achieve their goals.


Diplomas and Certificates 

    •    Individual and Team Professional Coach Engineer (RNCP Level 1)

    •    Master II in Science of Sport and Education

    •    Master II in Biology and Performance Psychology

    •    A three-year degree in Education, Sports & Motor Function

    •    Various professional training programmes, including                                   Ennéagramme, PNL, Process Com, etc.



    ◦    Mental Preparation Trainer

    ◦    French Volleyball Team (Men) (RIO 2016 Olympic Games)

    ◦    Tours (France) Volley Ball Club

    ◦    French Table Tennis Centre (Tours)

    ◦    Top level athletes in Rugby, football, tennis, judo, golf, horse riding,            aerobatics, BMX, water skiing and other disciplines

    ◦    Professional coach with iInternational and French firms.

Caroline Dawans

Food & Wellness Coach

- Dietary readjustment
- Assistance for persons with specific diets

- Energy therapy

- Emotions management

- Awareness

I am a spiritual healer by birth and have been involved with natural nutrition and holistic therapies for years. I feel that it is important to help those who care about their health to find a balance for their body and mind. 

Professional Experience

Nutrition and Well-Being coach since May 2017
Manager, for various companies, working with natural / organic / dietary products / Fairtrade and expert in allergen-free / vegetarian / vegan food (since 2005):
-Research, analysis and purchases from producers and suppliers,
-Support to dieticians, nutritionists and allergists,
-Sales, advice, training for individuals and professionals
(Hospitality industry, day nurseries, childcare centres, schools, hospitals, 
  specialised institutions, etc.).
Diplomas and Training Courses
Nutrition and Well-Being Coach 
Practitioner in LAHOCHI Energy Therapy

Various courses (Ayurvedic dietetics, living food, diet awareness, micro-nutrition, DETOX cure, sophrology, dowsing, phyto-therapy, aromatherapy, litho-therapy, ...)

MBA - Master in Business Administration in General and International Management, HEC Belgium.
French, English and German