Your well beeing is the only thing that matters
Because we care ... more!

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What do we do?


You get 100% individual coaching that targets your expectations and requirements.

Consultations and advice are based on a complete nutritional concept grounded in the most recent scientific and medical knowledge. 


An integral part of the RGCoaching 360 philosophy includes not only immediate therapies for nutrition-related diseases, but targeting long-term results by changing nutrition habits.

You can achieve your individual goals by setting simple, regular work processes for every day, supported by psycho-nutritional resources. This means lasting and consistent reduction of weight, a life without pain, therapy and prevention of psycho-social illnesses, allergies and intolerances or an increase in your physical and mental performance.

The RGCoaching360 method does not require you to diet but RGCoaching360 supports you in changing your habits 


                                                                   Your expectations define our job

" ... because WE care about YOU and your health!"

You have chosen the RGCoaching360 method to:

-  adapt your food intake to achieve daily well-being and to counter fatigue, stress and other issues.

-  prevent infections and diminish inflammations in the digestive systems and joints

-  prevent cardiovascular and metabolic diseases

-  lose weight without endangering your health

-  avoid the traps one falls into with modern nutrition

-  combat premature ageing and degenerative diseases 

-  support and monitor medical treatment processes



Are you overweight and always feeling tired?
Perhaps you don’t feel well in general and you are unhappy?
Are you stressed? Does your back ache?
Have you completed physical therapy following an injury and now you want to take up a sports activity again?
Do you want to improve your golf handicap or get ready for the ski season with some proper physical preparation?


Our Programms

Corporate Fitness

-   Weight loss
-   Fitness
-   Muscle building

-   Specific programs for seniors

-   Return to form for athletes    
​-   Physical preparation for athletes

Corporate Fitness brings the following to your employees:


  - Increased productivity
  - Less sick leave
  - Improved health for your employees
  - Lower stress levels
  - Better morale within the company
  - Lower absenteeism
  - Increased motivation amongst your employees
  - Attraction to your company



Personalised mental coaching is a specialised support structure used to optimise your human and organisational potential. Mental coaching focuses on mental processes that affect your thoughts, emotions, internal condition, and behaviour patterns. 

The objective of this coaching effort is to develop the skills you need to achieve your goals, better adapt to changes and to optimise your professional and personal successes.


Mental coaching is a true performance accelerator that provides an effective solution to restoring energy in your life.


Mental coaching themes:

·      managing stress and anxiety

·      develop your emotional intelligence

·      strengthen self-confidence

·      manage your time and priorities

·      strengthen your leadership skills

·      increase motivation

·      strengthen team cohesion

Corporate seminars: Life quality at work 

"Better life quality at work will bring on better individual and collective performance". 

RGCoaching 360 organises Seminars and Workshops on the theme of Well-Being and Quality of Life at Work. 

We are convinced that the well-being of employees and entrepreneurs is a source of high productivity that results in better competitiveness. The concept is that our Life Quality at Work approach aims to look at the content of work via improvements in the working conditions of employees, and then improvements in overall company performance.

Revitalize the human capital of your company and put the essential element to success back in place: your human potential.